A three days immersion in peptide research in the historical centre of Naples (Complesso dei SS. Marcellino e Festo - Largo S. Marcellino 10 – Napoli, part of the University of Naples “Federico II”), very close to the famous ancient churches and to San Gregorio Armeno street famous for the artisans devoted to the presepian art.

The event is a two-stage happening with the organization of:

  • The annual scientific event of the Research centre on Bioactive peptides – CIRPeB with the participation, and several presentations from young researchers from the Naples area. Morning of Thursday November 28, 2024.
  • The historical International Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides. Afternoon of Thursday November 28, 2024, Friday November 29, 2024, and Saturday November 30, 2024.

Thus, once again, we will have in Naples scientists from all over the world to discuss the last advances in peptide research.

The 18th edition of the Naples Workshop on Bioactive peptide has been organized at the end of November 2024 to avoid interference and overlapping with the Italian edition of European Peptide Symposium (34th EPS) organized in Florence at the end of August 2024. Therefore, the long traditional history of the Naples event started in 1988 will continue also in 2024.

The atmosphere in Naples is a unique blend of vibrant energy, rich history, and a hint of unpredictability. It's a place where tradition meets modernity, and the streets are alive with a constant buzz. For those coming from other countries, Naples offers a sensory overload that's hard to resist. The lively street markets, like the famous Mercato di Porta Nolana, showcase the local hustle and bustle, with vendors passionately haggling and enticing you with fresh produce, seafood, and local delicacies. What truly sets Naples apart is its people. The locals are known for their warmth and passion, making you feel like you're part of the family. Don't be surprised if someone invites you to join them for a lively conversation over a cup of espresso or insists you try their favourite local dish. In Naples, every corner has a story to tell, every meal is a culinary adventure, and every encounter is a chance to experience the city's unique atmosphere. It's a place that may be chaotic, but it's a beautiful chaos that leaves a lasting impression on anyone willing to dive into its charm.

The location is very suggestive:  The Church of Saints Marcellino and Festo is part of a larger conventual complex, including two monasteries from the 7th century located in Largo San Marcellino, in the historic center of Naples. The interior of the church, with a single nave and side chapels with domes, is characterized by the decorations in polychrome marble and wood that adorn it. In the 18th century, the place of worship underwent renovations based on the design by Luigi Vanvitelli, embellished with works created by some of the most famous artists active in Naples at that time.

The main altar, crafted in 1666 by Dioniso Lazzari, is enriched with statues by Lorenzo Vaccaro depicting Saint Marcellino and Saint Festo. At the entrance, there is a painting by Giuseppe Simonelli portraying the crossing of the Red Sea, while the frescoes on the dome are the work of Belisario Corenzio. The church, now deconsecrated, is accessible from the cloister of San Marcellino and is primarily used for cultural events.

The focus of the 18th edition of the Workshop foresees the emerging and challenging developments of peptides in many fields such as Chemical Biology, Immunology, Antimicrobial Activity, Diagnostic and therapeutic applications, Bioconjugation, Folding and Aggregation.

Specific Scientific Topics are:

  • Peptides in clinical phases
  • Radiolabelled and conjugated peptides for diagnosis and therapy
  • Macrocycles and structural constrains in peptides
  • Bioactive peptides
  • New synthetic approaches
  • Peptides in Chemical Biology
  • Peptide Materials and Cosmeceuticals, the innovative applications of the Biomimetic Peptides

Contributions concerning experimental and theoretical aspects in these topics are encouraged. The meeting is held under the auspices and the sponsorship of The European Peptide Society, the Italian Peptide Society, and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR).

The organizing and scientific committees invite all of you for an active participation to the three days event.

Looking forward to meet in Naples next November,

Giancarlo Morelli, Paolo Grieco, Michele Saviano, Menotti Ruvo

Chairmen of Workshop

18th Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides

Organizing Secretariat:
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